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Turn your manuscript into a professional book.

While keeping full control and ownership.

We will travel the road to self-published author with you

Author Services

Why self-publish?

There are many reasons to write a book and many reasons why people choose to self-publish rather than traditionally publish.  While I have been offered a traditional deal, I continue to self-publish.  Here are just some of the reasons you may want to self-publish:

  • You retain control.
  • You keep all intellectual property rights.
  • You keep all the files that we make in the publishing of your book.
  • Higher royalties.
  • Your book is for a small audience, not suited to the traditional publisher.
  • For a fundraiser.

Genealogy and memoirs

Creating a legacy for your children.  Keeping the memories of the past and your family alive for the generations to come.


A great way to fundraise for a school or charity.  Schools can use the creation of a book as part of the syllabus, enabling the students to extend themselves to produce a product that they can take pride in.


Want to do it yourself?  Contact us and we can lead you through the process.  Book an appointment with Christine and she will guide you step by step through the process.


$300 off

For a limited time we are offering memoirs at a discounted price.  Create a legacy for your family today.

Author services

If you self-publishing your book after you have finished your completed manuscript you will need to edit and format your book.  You will also need a cover that will attract your reader.  

Book Covers

Have a look at our book covers that can be easily customised with the name of your book, your author name and your blurb.

Need help?

You can book a call with Christine to help you get unstuck and continue on your publishing journey.

Formatting services

Need you book professionally formatted?  We can format your book in a range of styles for ebook and paperback.

Why Publish with Us?

  • You keep all the rights to your book.
  • Our packages include two 30 minute Zoom calls to ensure that we understand exactly what you are looking for.
  • Affordable.
  • We do not charge extra for the paperback version.
  • Books are published on Amazon, Book Depository and all major eBook platforms.
  • Book distribution available to bookstores globally.
  • Excellent royalties.

Warru Press is a small independent publishing house.
We are a hybrid company, so while we do a limited number of submitted manuscripts, our primary focus is to facilitate others to self-publish their book.  

Make your dream a reality today.

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