Besides being fun, puzzles have been shown to have many advantages. In children they help develop their reasoning and decision making skills.

They are highly advantageous for adults too. Puzzles increase the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine, having positive effects on mood, memory and critical thinking skills. Puzzles have been shown to relieve stress. Further, several studies have suggested that puzzles may help avoid memory loss, or even prevent or delay dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Our Puzzle Books

Puzzling Fun

Whether you want to build your brain cells or just pass the time, this is a puzzle book full of puzzle types to tempt any problem solver.
From crosswords to couplets, dingbats to hidato, logic puzzles to sudoku, these puzzles are bound to challenge you with a variety of games. With 120 pages of letter and number puzzles, these games will help improve problem-solving skills, keep your brain active and engaged and lower stress.

Puzzling Fun is suitable for all ages, from older children to adults. Difficulty levels range from easy to medium. There is no need to know current politics, sports or celebrity knowledge. All the puzzles use simple logic and are fun to complete.

Available from Amazon and all good book stores.


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My First Wordoku

These puzzles are sure to provide hours of fun. This 9″x 6″ book is convenient to take on car journeys as well as enjoy at home or school.

This book contains: 38 very easy 4 x 4 puzzles, 12 slightly larger
6 x 6 puzzles and 10 full sized 9 x 9 puzzles.

These puzzles are a fun way to teach logical thinking and problem solving skills. These puzzles provide an enjoyable twist on the Sudoku phenomenon.

Available from Amazon and all good book stores.


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