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A self-confessed Science geek who is passionate about her children, her faith, education and making this world a better place.

Hello Parents, Boys, and Girls 

Lovely to meet you! If you are reading this, you are probably interested in purchasing my books, or you already did, and you’d like to know a bit more about the person behind the books.
So, instead of giving you an “official”, but typical boring bio, let’s just have a chat with a cup of coffee or tea, your choice.
You don’t have one now? Go ahead, I’ll wait here.
I am such a bookworm, like many of you since I was a little girl! After discovering the joys of “The Secret Seven” by Enid Blyton, I became a vociferous reader who would read anything except horror.
Throughout year eight I read a book a day, from Science Fiction to Biographies—I know I am a bit crazy. So you shouldn’t feel surprised to know that I am a real Science geek, gaining a PhD in medical research.

Two decades of teaching under my belt showed me that children are a lot more accepting and compassionate when they have a reason. So, the book, “My Friend Josh has Dyspraxia” was born. This was so that my nieces would understand their cousin – my wonderful son and also so that the multitude of children with Dyspraxia could find understanding too.
You know what I feel proud of? My son, who wants to become an author himself. He managed to convince me to join NaNoWriMo, the now international National Novel Writing Month. This encouraged me to combine my strong faith and my love of literature to write my first novel, the children’s book, “Ruby’s Castle”. As you can see, I am empowered and taught by my own child! So parents, take heart. And boys and girls, YOU are more awesome than you think. 🙂
I am from Western Australia, a true-blue Sandgroper. I moved to the UK with my family a while back. I really appreciate the time here where I have been able to gain new perspectives, meet new people and visit new places. I plan to return to my beloved home later this year.
Now it’s your turn, write back to me at hello@christinedraper.com/home if you’d like to connect further. Let’s create a more compassionate world together!

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